Sunday, 2 August 2015

Things are beginning to happen!

Well at last we can see the rally beginning to take off. Paddy has sent the Buick to Charlie in Northumberland for a bit of pre-rally tlc. He was getting through a set of tyres a day(!) on the the Midnight Sun Tour so there might be a little bit of tracking to sort at the very least.

Cars Uk are shipping the car and it is being delivered to them by 21st August for shipping to Calcutta early in September.

This weekend i have sent off my application for my International Driving Licence 1949 edition and my third attempt to get my second passport. Firstly Polka my incredibly greedy labrador ate the original. I sent off for a replacement and needed a letter from my employer confirming the requirement. Sadly I was busy and the application timed out so I had to start from scratch. Finally I got it all together the application was successful and delivered but signed for by my 20 year old student son, Rory. That copy has never been seen since!. So this weekend i have sent off all the necessary paperwork once again in a desperate attempt to get my passport replaced. No complaints whatsoever about HM Passport Office but quite a few about my dog and my offspring! Still plenty of time to get everything sorted.

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